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21st July 2020 Cecilia and Louisa Club member Alan Grant will tell the story of two remarkable professional ladies and their struggle for acceptance in late Victorian/Edwardian England.
4th August 2020 Loxodonta Africana: the Lozenge-toothed African Club member Richard Chaplin will talk about the evolution, physiology and behaviour of the world’s largest land mammal, copiously illustrated with his own photos from East and Southern Africa. He will draw on his own experience and extensive reading on the subject.
18th August 2020 Small is Beautiful: my Relentless Descent down the UK Corporate Ladder Having been intimidated by the encyclopaedic knowledge of other Probus members, Paul Davies was advised by one member to make his first talk about himself and what he had done in the past. The talk will include some (hopefully) interesting and amusing stories as Paul has travelled from multinational corporations down to one man band microbusinesses.

Speaker Finder Rota for 2020

7th January 2020 Richard Chaplin
21st January 2020 Roger Truscott
4th February 2020 Ken Watson
18th February 2020 Malcolm Cameron *
3rd March 2020 John Thurstan
17th March 2020 (Club debate)
7th April 2020 Alan Grant
21st April 2020 Christopher Jewitt
5th May 2020 David Wilbur *
19th May 2020 Jeff Marsh *
2nd June 2020 Stefan Andrejczuk *
16th June 2020 Ken Fleming
7th July 2020 John Gibson
21st July 2020 Don Naybour
4th August 2020 Jerry Rice
18th August 2020 Peter Coffey
1st September 2020 Michael Hall
15th September 2020 Neil Spaven
6th October 2020 Ray Smith
20th October 2020 Ron Marshall
3rd November 2020 John Robinson
17th November 2020 Don Mackenzie
1st December 2020 Andrew Lloyd

* Introducing guest speaker

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