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16th July 2019 Britain and Germany: The War at Sea 1914-1918 Part II In this, the second part of his talk, Club member Peter Stubbs will discuss the development of mines and the U-boat, and the U-boat war which eventually led to the United States declaring war on Germany. He will cover the battles of Dogger Bank and Jutland, the embarrassment of the unchallenged bombardment of English coastal towns by Admiral Hipper, the naval blockade of Germany, and its eventual defeat with the humiliating surrender of the German High Seas Fleet to the British Navy.
6th August 2019 The Barkers of Bakewell
20th August 2019 The Role of Digital Technology in Elections Digital technology is playing an increasing role in politics, however it is often difficult to follow what is happening and how technology is being used. In this talk, guest speaker Dr Kate Dommett provides an overview of the most recent developments, discussing how technology is being used in election campaigns. She then reflects on why this matters, and which practices raise democratic concerns.

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